How to book

You are welcome! Classes are streamed live each week via ZOOM in BST time zone (GMT+1).

You'll need ZOOM downloaded onto which ever device you decide to use for classes - 

PC, ipad, tablet or phone. 

All classes are single pay per class

I offer a full class fee exchange or concession rate.


Full rate:£8.00


Full rate booking

1. Click on the 'Book Now' buttons below against your chosen class, selecting the date and time, then fill in your name and email.  You will be asked to pay the class fee at the same time via secure card payment or paypal.

2. A confirmation email will be sent to you with the zoom class link. Bookings come through from WIX bookings. Please mark as 'safe' to ensure you receive them to your inbox.

3. If you would prefer to pay via bank transfer, please email me what class you would like to join and I will send you the details and zoom class link. 

Concession booking

Please email me which class you wish to join and I will email you the payment details to pay by bank transfer along with the zoom link.



I will be logged into the class 10 minutes before with video and sound off. Please log in at least 5 minutes before to get settled and position your device suitably to be able to see me. We have a little welcome hello and chat, then begin. 

Whilst it is best that I can see you in class to offer modifications if needed, you are welcome to join with video off if you prefer. Everyone will be muted for the duration of the class. 

Bookings must be made at least 2 hours in advance. 

*If this is your first class with me, please contact me and do check with your doctor first if you have significant health issues.

It is important to let me know in advance if you're pregnant or have recently given birth. 

Please contact me for more information about this, or with any other questions.

What yoga equipment do I need? 

  • Yoga mat

  • x 2 yoga blocks or x 2 sturdy books like cook books

  • Yoga belt or a scarf or long sock

  • Blanket

  • x 2 cushion handy

  • Yoga bolster or 2 big pillows as an alternative.

What do I wear?:

Wear loose comfortable clothing. Ensure you do not eat anything at least an hour before attending (a small piece of fruit is ok) and at least 2-3 hours for a larger meal.

"I really loved the new sequence on Saturday morning - looking forward to next week already!"


 - Donna