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 Mobility Ease and Flow

6 Week Online Yoga Course


for beginners and beyond

Wednesday 15th February - Wednesday 22nd March

6pm - 7pm GMT

Live via ZOOM
or recorded

Welcome! My name is Camilla and I am here to help you on your yoga journey!


Mobility Ease and Flow is a series of 60 minute yoga practices - 1 class per week over 6 weeks, designed to gently help improve your body's overall mobility and stability whilst helping you let go of stress and tension.

In these weekly live online classes I will guide you through a ​routine of mindful movements and slow paced yoga practices that are simple to follow, unintimidating and effective.



If you are a beginner, haven't practiced in a while or just prefer a slower pace, this course is for you!

Mobility is your ability to move freely and easily. 


Mobility movements are practiced a little different to some traditional yoga postures that are 'held'. 

Mobility movements use rotational movements of the joints such as lifting your arm and making circles, along with rocking and pulsing movements within certain positions and in some well known yoga postures. 

This helps lubricate the joints, improving their range of motion and releases stiffness - it also feels really nice!

By keeping our joints mobile (and stable) we can help prevent injuries and move with more ease in daily life. 

What is mobility and how is it practiced?

Improve hip mobility
Healthy shoulders
Release tension

What's in the classes? 

Mobility Ease and Flow is a chance for you to slow down and unwind tension in your body and mind whilst developing gentle stability.

Each class will contain:
  • mindful mobility movements suitable if you are a total beginner or have more experience

  • gently stimulating yoga postures


  • quiet restful postures

  • body sensing and breath awareness practices

  • energy balancing and cleansing breath practices

  • guided lying relaxation 


  • gently improve the range of motion in your joints

  • strengthen and stabilize your joints - in particular ankles, wrists, knees, hips, spine, shoulders (this is a full body practice)

  • release tight muscles

  • improve flexibility

  • improve core strength

  • improve posture 

  • calmly focus your mind

  • release stress 

  • balance your mood

  • feel grounded and relaxed

What are the benefits?

This course is for you if - 
  • you are completely new to yoga and looking to try it out in the privacy of your own home. The practices are slow and gentle enough for you to feel and adjust the movements to suit YOUR body 

  • you haven't practiced yoga in a while and are looking for a slow mindful practice so you can go at your own pace

  • you go walking, hiking, running and/or have a fitness routine and are looking to release tightness and stay mobile and flexible

  • you have tight shoulders and back from sitting at a desk and want to counteract the negative effects

  • you are on your feet quite a bit and want to undo muscular tension

  • you feel stressed or are a busy bee and find it hard to slow down

  • you want to find some inner quiet and relaxation

Stay motivated with a weekly LIVE group class 

It's all to easy to let the busyness of life take over or maybe you are just not feeling like it.

Having a weekly live class to join will help you show up for health and well-being and

you'll be practicing with a small friendly group on the same journey as you.

Join from the comfort of your home without any unnecessary travel.

When are the live zoom classes? 

6pm - 7pm GMT

Starts: Wednesday 15th February 

continues weekly on Wednesday's same time with the last class on

Wednesday 22nd March

Hopefully you can a spot on your mat unlike

my sister! :)

Don't worry if you cannot make it live - life happens! Replays will be available 24 hours after the class for you to stream or download and practice.


If you are intending to join live, then try to practice the class before the next live one, but no worries if not. You'll have lifetime access to the recordings so you can practice in your own time. 


You can also purchase the 6 classes without having to join live at all.

Simply purchase the course and a recording of the class will be sent to you each week. You can practice in your own time before the next class is sent out, or practice any time that feels right for you.

A mindful journey through your body over 6 classes
Wide legs seated stretch_edited.jpg
Release stiffness

Feel better in you body

De-stress, relax and calm