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 Simple Practices to feel more Peace in Lockdown

Our world as we know it is going through a huge shift with many changes, unpredictability and uncertainty. 2020 is a year never to be forgotten.

Whatever our beliefs may be around the virus itself, all of us are being asked collectively to go within to reassess our life. What areas are we ready to let go of and what are we being called to?


Things have had to shift and change and we have had to adapt in one way or another.


Holding an inner energy of trust and faith, even though we do not know exactly how things will look, helps us to be able to see and feel new doorways, openings and solutions in life that stress and worry block from our awareness and prolong the anxiety of too much 'future' thinking.

"Unease, anxiety, tension, stress, worry - all forms of fear - are caused by too much future and not enough presence." - Eckhart Tolle

Understanding that our minds have a default for either thinking of the past or worrying about the future, helps us to see that our thoughts are not necessarily fact of truth, but are mearly responses to our focus in that moment. 

Having a few simple practices and tools to use in daily life, especially in the times we are in now, can help us to let go and stay present to NOW, the only moment that holds any true power. 

Here are 2 practices that you may find beneficial to integrate into your life. They are short accessible and safe practices that can be done for any length of time you wish in the moment. Consistency is key to help build an internal energetic alignment with peace and presence. 

Lying with Hands on Belly


Give yourself a little bit of time each day to simply lye on your back and focus on your breathing without any distractions.

This simple yet powerful practice helps calm an agitated mind and soothe a stressed nervous system, bringing us into alignment with peace.

It also relaxes a tight lower back and helps undo tension in the stomach and intestines. 

How to practice: 

Turn off your TV, radio and phone and be in a space where you will not be disturbed, even if this is for a short period of time. First thing in the morning lying on the floor on a yoga mat or last thing at night in bed is a great time or at any time you feel. 

Lye down with your feet hip width. If you are in bed, then it is fine to lye with legs extended if you wish


Place a cushion or folded blanket under your head if it tips back when lying.  

Place your hands on your belly (option to have one hand on the lower chest if that feels good). 

Close your eyes and take a few moments to simply feel your body from head to toe. 

Then begin to notice your breathing in and out of your nose for as long as feels good.

Now take your awareness down into your belly.

As you breathe in feel the belly gently rise and as you breathe out feel the belly gently sink down. 

Feel the qualities of opening and expanding as you breathe in and letting go and relaxing as your breathe out.

Focus your mind on the inner sensations in your body and breath rather than your thoughts. 

Continue for as long as feels good. 

Give yourself permission to relax and know that you are worthy of deserving this stillness and quiet time. 


Writing a Daily Gratitude Journal

Cute Notebooks

Consciously noticing all the things that you are grateful for in your life; the things that you DO have, brings us into a state of appreciation and peace. Focusing on what is not working or the things you do not have, immediately brings with it feelings of lack, stress and worry.

Our ego minds by default will want to jump to all the reasons that things are not okay as they are. This is arguing with reality as it is and builds more momentum of lackful thinking. Surrendering to the way things are brings acceptance. From here, we can move forward and trust solutions will be presented.  

A great practice is to take time at the end of you day to reflect on all the moments you appreciated and found joy in. This can be very simple things, like appreciating the lovely cup of tea you drank, being thankful that you had running water for your shower, appreciating the bird you saw, the rain that created a beautiful pattern on your window or the nice phone call you had with a friend. Look around the room you are in and take note of all the things you DO have and appreciate. You'll feel your mood get better. 

Writing it in a journal dedicated just to this - a gratitude journal, will help you to focus your mind more as you write, increasing your feelings of appreciation and raising your mood. 

Doing this consistently each day will help you to release any emotional charge that may have built up in your day and will reset your energy so that you go to sleep with that mood and therefore wake up with that mood. It is all about creating momentum!

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