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Audio Meditations

Meditation is a powerful ancient tool to help quiet the busy 'monkey mind' and release emotional discharge. We can all benefit from holistic ways to rebalance and re-centre ourselves in a busy, ever changing world. What stays steady? Meditation offers this, if we carve out the time to make space for ourselves.

There are different tools for meditation from silent ones to guided with or without music. There is no wrong or right. Different methods suit different people and it is important that we allow ourselves to find the method that suits us - the purpose is absorption and a calming of the restless mind chatter, so that we can experience more inner 'space' and ultimately realise our True Essence Nature which is peace.

As with any practice, consistency is key. The wise Yogi Paramahansa Yogananda recommends meditating in the morning and evening, but something rather than nothing is beneficial!

 The meditations I am sharing here are around 10-15 minutes to easily fit into your life. They focus on a combination of body sensing, breath connection and visualisation accompanied by soft background unobtrusive music. If you find you get distracted in silent meditation, guided ones will help your mind to stay focused and relaxed. 

This is a method I personally find beneficial and it brings much joy to create and share these with you. 

I hope you enjoy them.


 “Meditation and concentration are the way to a life of serenity.” Baba Ram Dass 

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