Maria Kontou ~ Brighton

"The sequence of poses in Camilla's class has a natural rhythm. Poses feel connected in a series, they flow, they 'evolve' slowly and purposefully. The whole class from active poses to relaxation unfolds gradually. 
 Camilla encourages awareness of our own body with an introspective gaze. Instead of a perfect image to copy she asks us to observe where each one of us is in our personal progress, different to everyone else's. She guides us into exploring what works well for each one of us.  She checks and corrects us gently and demonstrates poses effectively. She comes across as a caring instructor with in-depth knowledge and experience and inspires me to trust her guidance."

Carolina Ramasauskas ~ Crete

"Thank you Camilla!

I experienced different kinds of yoga practice in the last years and your highly qualified, gentle, deep connecting flow of your practice tuned me with my best loving center. Your yoga sessions brought me peace and lightness throughout the precious days of the retreat in Crete. I hope I will soon have the chance to practice with the groups that form naturally around your lightness and peace. "

Rada Jovanov ~ Brighton

"I have been attending Camilla's yoga classes for nearly 2 years. Her yoga classes are tailored for all shape and sizes, all ages and abilities. She always gives different options and recommends that we all listen to our own bodies and proceed accordingly - after all, each of our bodies' is different. She constructs her classes in such a way that at the end I feel restored, grounded, centered but , at the same time, in possession of a heightened perception. I also have the best night sleep that day. Her workshops, once a month, have been fun, restorative and well attended. I would highly recommend her classes to anybody, regardless of age and abilities. The benefits are immediate and long lasting if practiced regularly."