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Get it Now! Special Offer on my 
Energized Body - Calm Mind 3 day Programme - special offer price £15!

I think you will love my newest offer that will give you 3 beautiful 20 minute routines for a Energized Body and Calm Mind.  This programme brings amazing benefits in a quick and simple yoga routine that you can effortlessly fit into your day - easily motivating and inspiring your practice

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  • Mindful tai-chi inspired yoga movement designed to mobilize the body and bring strength and flexiblity, together with deeper breathing to really help energise both the body and mind 

  • Fantastic program if you have been lacking motivation and haven't been able to keep up regular practice - but you KNOW that a yoga routine will improve your day, your body and how you feel about yourself


  • If you've been feeling stiff and tight or having low energy - this simple routine will awaken your body and give you long lasting energy throughout the day


  • Grounding and centering short meditations to easily fit in and get you feeling calm and connected with yourself 

The Energized Body Calm Mind Program consists of 3 yoga routines, each 20 minutes long

Each routine gives you a 3 days of practice that will completely change how you feel in body and mind.  They are so easy to fit into your day and are based on calming yet energizing mindful movement to completely reinvigorate your body, improving flexibility, strength and balance.


Each practice starts with a special tai-chi inspired standing moving meditation I created called 'Earth and Sun Sequence'. Synchronising breathing with movement and visualisation, this helps focus the mind, helping you feel calm yet awake and energize, ready for the day ahead. 


The practices are suitable for beginners and those with experience, please make sure you check with a health professional first if you have any type of of injuries. 

  • Keep motivated with 20 minute routines you can easily fit into your day

  • Every routine is easy to follow and will transform how you feel in body and mind.

  • Feel more energised, mobile, strong, flexible, more awake, boost circulation, oxygen to the brain, experience endorphin feel-good hormone release.


  • Connecting to calm, and feeling centred and grounded, before the day begins affects how you show up and interact with others and yourself in the day 

This program is a unique style of tai chi inspired  movement and flowing mobility work for more energy combined with classical yoga postures for strength.

I have always liked that feeling of peace in silence and I think your style of yoga gives me that whilst I am stretching my body.  What’s not to love ❤️.  After the practice I feel wonderful!I think you have a wonderful manner Camilla and the way you explain the postures, the breathing and the mindfulness is lovely.  I so love your easy style which is why I followed you on line.  


- Gail, Brighton

Thank you Camilla! I experienced different kinds of yoga practice in the last years and your highly qualified, gentle, deep connecting flow of your practice tuned me with my best loving center. Your yoga sessions brought me peace and lightness.


 - Carolina, Crete

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We start each practice with - 'Earth and Sun' moving meditation. Mindfully mobilizing the body as we ground into the Earth and connect with the Sun. 


*calms the mind,

*mobilizies the joints, strengthens ankles, legs and shoulders

*encourages deeper breathing boosting circulation and oxygen to the brain.

*helps you feel grounded and centred for your day.
*accessible practices for beginners and the more experienced.

Each of your 20 minute routines includes:

3 days photos 3_edited.jpg

After the moving meditation we will explore gentle fluid movement , stretches and classical yoga postures to release body stiffness and gently stretch and tone the muscles, brining strength, balance and stability. 


Each 3 day practice will have a different sequence of movements and postures to enjoy.

Meditation pic (2).jpg

Each video closes with a short short centering meditation so that you feel grounded and calm for the day ahead. 

Her yoga classes are tailored for all shape and sizes, all ages and abilities. She always gives different options and recommends that we all listen to our own bodies and proceed accordingly I feel restored, grounded, centered but , at the same time, in possession of a heightened perception. I also have the best night sleep that day. The benefits are immediate and long lasting if practiced regularly.


 - Rada, Brighton

Camilla is an amazing yoga teacher - her class last week made me SO

grounded, calm and centred. Highly recommend to anyone wanting yoga, relaxation and also spiritual activation! I did her morning class and I could have meditated all day afterwards, I felt so 'in the zone'!!


Bethan, Dorset

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