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The Energized Body - Calm Mind Program
A simple yet powerful 3 x 20 minute yoga routine to bring flexibility, strength, calm and balance

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This program brings amazing benefits in a quick and simple 20 minute yoga routine that you can effortlessly fit into your day - easily motivating and inspiring your practice. Perfect if you lead a busy life and want to start your day feeling energized and calm.

The Energized Body Calm Mind Program consists of 3 yoga routines, each 20 minutes long.  

  They are so easy to fit into your day, especially if you lead a busy life. Based on calm, fluid movement and stabilizing yoga postures, each routine will completely reinvigorate your body, improving flexibility, strength and balance giving you more energy and a calmer start to your day.


We being each practice with a special 'tai-chi' inspired standing moving meditation I created called the

'Earth and Sun Sequence'.  Synchronsing breath, movement and visualisation, this sequence will help you release stress and mental fog, clearing, renewing and uplifitng your energy and mood ready for the

day ahead.


The practices are accessible and mindful suitable for beginners and those with experience. Please make sure you check with a health professional first if you have any type of of injuries or are pregnant.


Each of your 20 minute routines includes:

Starting with the 'Earth and Sun Sequence' -  standing moving meditation. Synchronising breathing with simple fluid movement, intention and visualisation - grounding into the Earth and connecting with the Sun.

*Calms and uplifts the mind

*Mobilizies the joints, strengthens ankles, legs and shoulders

*Encourages deeper breathing, removing toxins from the lungs,     improving immunity and heatlh

*Boosts circulation and oxygen to the brain to leave you feeling       energized in your body and calm in your mind.

This represents the practices after the moving meditation - a combination of fluid movements to release body stiffness and gently stretch and tone the muscles. Classical yoga postures for strength, balance and stability suitable for all levels.


Each 3 day practice will have a different sequence of movements and postures to enjoy after the moving meditation. 

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We end with a short seated meditation using breath sensing, affirmations and hand mudras to help release stress, connect with your body and leave you feeling calm and centred, ready for the day ahead.

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